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Despite its trendy name, Bad Ass Cannabis is a brand that is backed by the best product formulators, health practitioners and educators in cannabis.  We chose the name Bad Ass for two simple reasons.  First, every possible combination of pure, organic, natural, hemp and cannabis along with a big green leaf was in use!  And no one can remember any of these cookie-cutter, near identical products from each other.  No brand had the courage to break the mold and use a more contemporary and memorable name, like Bad Ass.  Second, no matter what your age, occupation or nagging health condition, one thing is certain – you want to feel like a Bad Ass.  If you are in pain, you are tired of limiting your activity; you want to run and play like a Bad Ass.  If anxiety and depression are keeping you in your room; you want to go out and socialize like a Bad Ass.  If your GI tract is keeping you tethered to the bathroom; you want to go out and eat your favorite spicy foods like a Bad Ass.


Bad Ass also departs from a most of the cannabis field in that we are the leaders in functional products.  We are not content with offering you a couple different strength general hemp extract liquids.  Having our roots for over 40 years, in both the pharmaceutical and natural products industries, we know that people choose products based on their intended effects.  If you had a bit of congestion you would not walk into the drug store and ask the pharmacist for guaifenesin.  No, you would walk in and head for the aisle selling cold medications and you would choose the package that looked most effective, trusting that it contained a congestion ingredient like guaifenesin. Therefore, since the very beginning we have led the field in formulating products for specific functionality.  And unlike others, its not just the same product with a different label.  We vary each of our formulas, especially with respect to the terpenes present in each.  And who better than us to do that -  our leading formulator is the scientist responsible for creating the most widely sold terpene product in history, the multi-billion dollar weight loss product Sensa.  


We appreciate you visiting us, if this is your first time.  We are happy to answer any questions that you might have regarding cannabis in general or your needs specifically.  Just send us email and we will get back to you quickly and one of the operators will connect you with us.